Women in Leadership

Working with women leaders is an area of deep personal and professional fulfillment for Nidhi and she has successfully delivered multiple programmes aimed at enhancing self-awareness, sense of agency as well as resourcefulness of individuals to consciously steer their careers and authentically manage personal and professional growth. 

Her experience spans the following:

Strategic Career Management
Design and delivery of learning journeys
Supporting Reintegration of Women Returners
Strategic Career Management:

Adept at increasing both awareness and skills of women leaders on visualizing a career of their choice and the elements that need to be consciously managed in order to fulfill own aspirations and potential, such as – the importance of authenticity, identifying and addressing self-limiting beliefs, overcoming Impostor Syndrome, creating a strong personal brand, strategic networking, navigating internal politics etc.

Leadership level – Mid senior to emerging leaders.

Methodology – Individual/Group Coaching sessions / Workshops

Locations: India, Singapore & China & EMEA (Virtual and in-person)

Design and delivery of learning journeys:

(5-12 months) for leaders that go beyond interactions with only the nominated (self or organisational nomination) individuals but also facilitate the creation of an enabling and supporting ecosystem, through sensitization conversations with reporting managers and suggesting appropriate policy changes. 

Supporting Reintegration of Women Returners:

Experienced in supporting women returners during this process of returning into the corporate world, to set them up for success; through a combination of mentoring and coaching. In addition, sensitising the ecosystem to be more empathetic towards initial challenges and how to collaboratively address the same.

Methodology – Group Coaching sessions / Workshops

We offer 2 signature programmes aimed at accelerating career progression and personal satisfaction of talented women.
1. Accelerator: Careers by Design

 “Accelerator: My Career My Design” is a 4 to 6 months long journey that builds on the aspirations, strengths and potential of individuals who are a part of it. 

Programme Outcomes:

At the end of the development journey, participants of the Accelerator Programme are well placed to – 

  • Communicate their distinctiveness with confidence and clarity to relevant stakeholders internally as well as take definitive action towards building visibility externally.
  • Create an individualized, specific and actionable professional growth roadmap.
2. Restart – Resume your career with confidence and clarity

A transformative journey where participants discover their inner values, uncover strengths, learn how to cultivate resilience and the art of navigating organizational dynamics for a successful return and sustainable long-term growth.