Inclusion and Diversity

In the world we live in today and will be a part of tomorrow, Diversity in all its forms already is and still will be a given. What needs attention today and will continue to require thoughtfulness and choice is, Inclusion.

Diversity that goes beyond the commonly considered dimensions such as gender, age, religion, sexual preferences, disabilities etc. to consider aspects such as neurodiversity, communication style, personality, interaction style, leadership style etc.; where leveraged and celebrated give rise to increased Bottom-line and Belonging. There are multiple studies that have drawn strong linkage between organizations’ that have worked on creating inclusive cultures and the results they have been able to achieve. Some such statistics are:

  • Cognitive diversity can enhance team innovation by up to 20%. (Source: Deloitte, The diversity and inclusion revolution: Eight powerful truths)
  • A 2019 study by McKinney shows that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 25% more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile. In fact, A substantial differential likelihood of outperformance—48% separates the most from the least gender- diverse companies.
  • In terms of ethnic and cultural diversity, the 2019 study by McKinney shows that top-quartile companies outperformed those in the fourth one by 36% in profitability.
  • By 2025, the workforce is expected to account for up to 75% of the millennial generation.
  • 83% of all millennials are more likely to be actively engaged if they believe their company stimulates a diverse and inclusive culture. (Source: Deloitte Australia)

Facilitation of Workshops

Unconscious Bias and Consciously Inclusive Leadership

I am skilled at creating awareness and commitment to action on areas pertaining to understanding what is diversity and the forms it can take, what are conscious and unconscious biases and how they impact decisions and interactions. I also enable people to recognize their own biases and their impact as well as how to manage them. The key outcome I look to achieve is an individuals’ understanding of the importance of Inclusion and their commitment to action through co-creating ways to consciously display more inclusive behaviours at the workplace.
(Geographical Experience: Global – Asia, Australia, Europe, N. America)

Women In Leadership

This work has 2 components – I work with both, individual women leaders who wish to unlock their own potential as well as with groups who have been nominated as part of talent management programmers by their respective organizations.

Individual Coaching Conversations
Group Workshops
Individual Coaching Conversations

Through a process of semi structured dialogue which uses a combination of Psychometrics  a Biographical Interview, I engage with women leaders to facilitate a nuanced understanding of their own mental models, concepts of self-identity, beliefs, values, enablers and detailers along with the levers of success required at next levels. I then call upon my coaching expertise to co-create specific developmental inputs that help each individual move forward against a stated career aspiration.
(Geographical Experience: India, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam)
Group Workshops
Strategic Career Management

I am adept at increasing both awareness and skills of women leaders to visualize a career of their choice and the elements that need to be consciously managed in order to fulfill own aspirations; such as the importance of networking, navigating internal politics, creating a strong personal brand & increasing visibility, role of mentors and sponsors etc.
(Geographical Experience: India, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, China & EMEA)

Authentic Leadership

I am proficient in enhancing self-awareness and a sense of agency in women leaders. I work with them so they arrive at their leadership Purpose, one which fits in with their own innate values and aspirations. Additionally, the focus is on identifying and reframing self-limiting beliefs in order to create new possibilities.
(Geographical Experience: India, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, China & EMEA)
Certification: Certified Diversity Professional (CDP), from DTUI USA