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Nidhi has 22+ years of experience. She holds hold an MBA in Human Resources in addition to being certified on multiple psychometric tools.

She works with senior Leadership Teams to 1st Time People Managers as well as experienced Individual Contributors across different sectors in globally leading organizations across Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Manufacturing and Retail.

Her client experience spans multiple geographies – India, Far East, Middle East and Europe. 


Corporate Programmes

As an executive coach, Nidhi partners with her clients and supports them in discovering possibilities and pathways for greater career success and personal happiness.

We are trusted partners to our client Talent, HR and Learning teams and our programmes are designed to make learning an insightful and enjoyable experience for the participants. 

To make the unconscious: conscious and intentional, we are known for delivering highly interactive, awareness enhancing, practically actionable workshops, both virtually and in-person.

Increased understanding of one’s own preferences, strengths, potential derailers helps people manage their emotions better. It also enables them to build and maintain positive workplace relationships, leading to greater career success.

We have successfully designed and delivered multiple programmes aimed at enhancing self-awareness, sense of agency as well as resourcefulness of women leaders to consciously steer their careers for accelerated growth and personal happiness. 

For Individuals

Executive Coaching

Nidhi is passionate about and skilled in working with people to facilitate unlocking their own potential. She works with my coaches so they feel comfortable looking inwards; with curiosity, acceptance and empathy. Her aim is to make her clients both; feel resourceful as well as actually be resourceful so they approach challenges with a greater sense of agency, confidence and preparation. 

As an Executive Coach some of the areas she works with her clients are – 

  • Reframing self-limiting beliefs 
  • Expressing views with confidence 
  • Managing emotions constructively
  • Improving interpersonal connection
  • Enhancing visibility authentically 
  • Identifying core values to purposefully build a life that honours the values for increased career success and personal fulfilment