Coaching Testimonials

Chief Strategy Officer, Maxus India

The rapport created by her helped me have fruitful discussions regarding my style of leadership and how I can envisage my career and future. My session with her, helped me clarify my thoughts without any bias and make some bold moves. Her natural style and insightful approach did make me feel resourceful within and take the right decisions

Associate General Counsel, HSBC

I have been associated with Nidhi for almost two years. I connected with her instantly and share a great rapport with her. She helped me with my self-assessment with her unique coaching styles. It helped me unravel my potential within me. I realized that I was able to find solutions to a lot of my challenges faced by me, professionally as well as on the personal front.

Director, UBS

My personal coaching experience with Nidhi has been a key contributing factor and a catalyst to my professional growth. The core benefit of this engagement for me, is the change in perception of a challenge and an enhanced adaption to the work dynamics. The best part is that the confidence stems from within and is not dependent of any external reassurance.

Head HR & OD – Jacobs India

I have worked with Nidhi on two consecutive assignments. She brings in a versatile experience in quite an eclectic way. She can help one dress for success & anchor on strength. She has been a good coach to me. I personally thank her in helping me define organization & my own boundaries. It is always a pleasure working with a true professional like Nidhi.

AVP HR – MAX Retail, Landmark Group

Nidhi Panjwani has coached senior leaders at GM and AVP grades at Max Retail, Landmark Group. Nidhi’s Coachee’s find her to be an insightful and thoughtful Coach. She is equally passionate about the quality of her work and the success of her client's organisation. She is able to see Coacher’s issues from multiple view points and provide unique perspectives. I have personally observed her as a coach and find that that she displays an advanced level of proficiency in coaching and leadership development. In particular, she excels in the areas of empowerment, planning & goal setting, delegation, influencing, networking, establishing trust and enhancing personal branding. I am sure that Nidhi would add significant value as a coach to any organisation/client.

Sr. VP & Head – Drug Discovery Research Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

I found her friendly yet professional; very easy to talk to and most importantly no bs. Our dialogues helped bring out my priorities, aspirations. She responded positively to my request of our sessions being action oriented. That helped make it more valuable for me. I recommend her whole heartedly to anyone seeking self-reflection and/or charting career progress.

VP & Head – Colleague Engagement & Site Lead, MNC Bank

Nidhi is passionate about what she works on and looks at every to pay it forward. Sharing best practices from her own life experiences make it more relatable to the cohort enabling engagement and interaction. Thank you, Nidhi, for what you do so well and look at every opportunity to make a difference. Several colleagues have shared such commendable feedback of how the paired coaching of the program enhanced confidence and the ability to speak up, key deliverables of the program.

Facilitation Testimonials

Sr. Manager PMO Team – GP Strategies Corporation

When I assign a project to Nidhi for design or facilitation, I am assured of the quality and passion she brings to her work. Nidhi approaches her tasks with the utmost professionalism, curiosity, and complete engagement. Client feedback consistently reflects this high standard, with positive remarks consistently received. It's no surprise that Nidhi is highly regarded as a DEI Subject Matter Expert by both our customers and the Project Management team.
One of the finest workshops I have ever attended. This was so relevant in today's corporate world and also, given me better perspective of this inclusion agenda. Thank you, Nidhi for conducting this wonderful workshop.
This session helped me burst few myths about politics and also to accept the fact that not all politics is bad. I can be a part of it and use it to make a positive change.
I always found networking burdensome but this workshop was an aha moment that networking doesn't have to be that way and in fact can be made to work in my favour.
Thank you, Nidhi. It was a wonderful session. You made sure we were all interactive throughout the session. The fact that someone introvert like me could be so active in the session shows how comfortable you made the participants feel. I believe anyone who shares their knowledge with others and hears others out is truly great. You are doing a great job. I hope I gain confidence such as yours & be able to present to such huge audience in future.

Nidhi was super awesome in delivering her content. She is enriched with years of experience which gave us motivation, she gave space to everyone to participate and share their experiences, we felt comfortable in opening up ourselves in front of her. In a nutshell, a super talented trainer.